The Lions Club of Jervis Bay (Inc)

District 201N2, New south Wales, Australia

Welcome to the Lions Club of Jervis Bay in NSW, Australia

The Lions Club of Jervis Bay is active in Huskisson, which is a holiday town beside the beautiful waters of Jervis Bay on the South Coast of New South Wales, Australia.

The Club has over thirty members at present who are all active in supporting and administering the Club on a day-to-day basis, we meet on the nights of the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month at St Georges Basin Country Club.

Projects we undertake generally involve our purpose-built catering caravan that we take to regular monthly markets at Huskisson, also to AFL football matches supporting a local football club at Albatross Navy Base, and any other venue that requires our catering expertise.

We organise and conduct the White Sands Easter Festival at Huskisson every year with this Festival involving the local community in; first a noisy and colourful Parade, followed by a Market Day at our local Sportsground.

We are also responsible for many hands-on projects during the year including Clean-up Australia Day, cleaning up pensioner's houses, rebuilding a local War Memorial and any other community based project that need our attention.

The Club maintains a very active social calendar that involves restaurant outings, members home hosting, and inter-club visitations.

The Lions Club of Jervis Bay is an active Club in all senses of the word.

                   2016/2017 BOARD                                 

President                                   Lion Lance Stewart

Secretary                                   Lion Debbie Stewart

Treasurer                                   Lion John Brown

Immediate Past President        Lion John Brown

First Vice President                  Lion Jeff Thomas

Second Vice President             Lion Jeff Hunt

One Year Director                     Lion Lou Smetkowski

Two Year Director                     Lion Leesa Lowles

Membership                               Lion Yvonne Mertens

                                                    Lion Marie-Anne Watson

                                                    Lion Debbie Stewart

Publicity Officer                        Lion Jen Smetkowski

Bulletin Editor                           Lion Jeff Thomas

Tail Twister                                Lion Jen Smetkowski

Lion Tamer                                Lion Lou Smetkowski

Safety Officers                          Lion Pat Sebo

                                                    Lion Wendy Roberts

                                                    Lion Carl Lowles


The members of the Jervis Bay Lions Club would like to recognize and thank the members of the 2015/2016 Board who did an excellent job in pursuing the aims of the club, especially in the club's support of the local community. The 2015/2016 Board were as follows:


President                                   Lion John Brown

Secretary                                   Lion Marie-Anne Watson

Treasurer                                   Lion Carol Hayes

Immediate Past President        Lion John Brown

First Vice President                  Lion Bob Hanlon

Second Vice President             Lion Jeff Hunt

One Year Director                     Lion Leesa Lowls

Two Year Director                     Lion Steve Hayes

Membership                               Lion John Brown    

                                                   Lion Jeff Thomas

                                                   Lion Dianne Sebo

Publicity Officer                        Lion Jeff Thomas

Bulletin Editor                           Lion Steve Hayes

Tail Twister                                LionJen Smetkowski

Lion Tamer                                Lion Debbie Stewart

Safety Officers                          Lion Robyn Hunt

                                                    Lion Wendy Roberts

                                                    Lion Pat Sebo






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